WaltzBreak for FELIX AUSTRIA!

On International Dance Day this year, we performed a new piece titled WaltzBreak, commissioned for the celebration of FELIX AUSTRIA! North American premier in Toronto. Working in collaboration with dancers well-versed in Break-dance, we merged the flows of Viennese Waltz with breaking. The result was a sensational experience of bringing people together through dance! 

Monday night, the 29th April 2013, the Austro-American production, FELIX AUSTRIA!, will celebrate their world premiere with a Viennese-style masked ball at the Gladstone Hotel. The “ball programme”, a continuing reflection of the singular bohemian grandeur of the film, will feature an “opening committee” performance by Katya Kuznetsova’s Backwards in Heels company of Toronto. Local Enjoi DJ Outfit will weave waltzes through an evening of raw disco and house classics, right in line with the cross-epochal adventures of the film. As Prince Metternich once set the Vienna Congress to dance, FELIX AUSTRIA’S KAISER BALL promises to set Hot Docs in motion as well.

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