As a dance artist, I am interested in bringing people together. I believe in creating the best possible atmosphere where people can feel safe and, eventually and hopefully, open to play, experiment, share and create. I enjoy working collaboratively with other artists from diverse disciplines to create performances, workshops, festivals, and other events. This page includes information about my current and past projects.

Dance Together Project

In 2017, I founded the Dance Together Project with a focus to bring the fun and ease of partner dancing back into our lives. Based in Toronto at 10 Heintzman St., Dance Together Project offers fun and accessible one-on-one and small group partner dance workshops for beginners. Far from strictly ballroom, the genres include anything from Slow Dance 101 to Salsa, as well as Wedding Dance instruction and composition – tailored to the song(s) and experience level of the participants. All classes and events are beginner-friendly.

Toronto Dance Community LOVE-IN

Summer Love-In 2011- photos by andrea de keijzer 
It was my pleasure to work as part of this creative team from 2011 to 2015. The Love-In is an effort to create a more supportive community environment and to facilitate positive change within Toronto’s contemporary dance community. Through providing training, advocacy efforts, space and informal exchange, they are committed to fostering new and progressive projects in contemporary dance. Developing new ways of using the body to communicate, play, and promote experimental dance making.

Mind the Gap Collective - Toronto, Canada

Flyer design by Angela Blumberg
From September 2009 to June 2011, I worked collaboratively with members of "Mind the Gap," a collective of six dance artists in Toronto. Hailing from Germany/England, Russia/Alaska, the Yukon, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Montreal, we joined together through the Master's of Fine Arts in Choreography and Dramaturgy program at York University. Each of us brings a unique twist to the craft of making dances and together we make groovy dance theater events. Past productions include "How Bones Sound if You Really Listen" (2009) and "You are My Favorite Voltage" (2010). Our new production "Yes, But!" is coming up June 24-25, 2011 @ Scotiabank Theatre, Toronto, ON.

Dance Together Alaska Festival - University of Alaska Anchorage

Web design by Micha Sanders
I initiated and directed this project in 2007, while on faculty at the University of Alaska Anchorage, the festival brought together dance artists, students and audiences from across Alaska for a weekend of classes and performances in celebration of International Dance Day (April 29th).

Ritmovida Dance Partnership - Anchorage, Alaska

Photo by Ludwig Laab

Katya Kuznetsova and Isi Matrinez, 2000
This project was an eight year collaboration (2000-2008) with Stephanie Griffin and several other Alaskan dance artists and friends. The name RITMOVIDA is a hybrid of three passions: RITMO (Rhythm); MOVIDA (Movement); and VIDA (Life). Our focus was on bringing Alaskans together through Latin dance classes, performances, and other social events. Watch a promotional video here

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